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Rodolfo Zengarini Srl has chosen an efficient distribution strategy for its products through direct showrooms in Milan and New York and qualified agencies with offices all over the world, creating a dense network capable of covering the world market.

Customers are also guaranteed direct assistance through an efficient customer service office.

Rodolfo Zengarini - Calzaturificio - Montegranaro - Marche - Italia
Calzaturificio Rodolfo Zengarini - Italia

Distributive areas

Italy, Europe, Eastern Europe,

Asia: Rodolfo Zengarini Showroom, Milan

USA, Mexico, Canada:

Rodolfo Zengarini Showroom, New York


Middle East: Rodolfo Zengarini Showroom, Dubai


France: Paris Benelux Antwerp

Germany, Austria, Switzerland: Dusseldorf



Hong Kong

Calzaturificio Rodolfo Zengarini - Italia


The artisanal character of the production is flanked by the high technological level of technical research and stylistic study that lead to the development of models and products created for each of the brands in total autonomy and independence.

The cutting operations are carried out both by hand and with the aid of CAD-CAM techniques; sewing and assembly, on the other hand, are performed with the aid of advanced machinery.

In this way, the high quality of the footwear is ensured and the speed of production and compliance with delivery times are guaranteed.

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